Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When ordering a set of rings, do I have to order matching rings – two of the same style?

No. Most people order rings that match, but you can order any rings that are shown on the website.

How do I care for my ring?

Forevermore Jewelry’s rings are very durable. However, like any piece of jewelry, we recommend that you remove your ring, or wear gloves, if you are going to come in contact with abrasive or caustic chemicals. The same thing goes for doing activities that could cause scratching, such as: working in the garden, using sandpaper or climbing a mountain. Other than that, an occasional shining should keep your ring looking great for a very long time! Minor scratching can usually be buffed out by a local jeweler. If the ring should truly become damaged, view our Exchange and Warranty policy, it’s fantastic!

Is my payment information secure?

Yes. Your credit card information is encrypted during transmission using secure socket layer (SSL) technology, which is widely used on the Internet for this purpose. Your credit card information is only used to complete the requested transaction and is not subsequently stored.

I received a Forevermore Gift Card. How do I redeem it?

Lucky you! Just shop for your rings and when you get to the checkout area of the website just enter the code found on the back of the card to receive your savings.

What is your return policy?

Forevermore Jewelry is committed to your satisfaction. See our 100% satisfaction return and warranty policy here.

How do I contact you?

Send an email to If it’s a simple question, we’ll email you back within one business day at the most. If it’s a more complex question, please include your phone number and we’ll call you. And, no, we don’t provide relationship advice!

How long will it take for my rings to arrive?

For delivery allow 3 to 4 weeks for rings that do not include engraving and 4 to 5 weeks for rings that include engraving. If there is a delay you will be notified using the email account you provided.